What is life?is it a gift to us?is it a test we are being put through?is it just some naturally or incidentally occuring creation by the voids of nothingness?or is there really some supreme power or being that gave us this life for some purpose?

Sometimes I wonder how the world came about as it is now ,we humans helped each other out and through constant experimentation and learning from a myriad amount of researches we have learnt how to live an organised way of life ,but the only snag I feel is how did the spiders for example  know they had to eat wat they had to eat ,or know they had to spin webs to catch their prey or did they all come together to research it out…

The answer to the above is a strict no the spiders as they are don’t need parents to teach them anything ,they are naturally able to do it ,it’s as if they have been given directives and instructions inside their heads wen they are born ,if so why were we not given anything ??,u could consider this a test by who or what created us or u can see this as the fact that we might actually be the lowest of all the species on earth and the only fact we still manage to stay at the top is because we are VERSATILE  and have a very hypocritical mindset.

Humans are the only species closest to the beings we call demons – migi (parasyte maxim).                                


Having perused through various myths ranging from Norse to Hindu there is something that I find very intriguing ,that is they all end with the facts that humans as a species would become corrupt wid chock full of false notions created by themselves and then the end of the world will come to destroy all of humankind and create them anew… What is the reason behind this ?🤔.


Let’s forget about the myth and our failure for now .What I wanna really talk about in this blog is quite simple actually.I wanna talk about the false world that we live in and the false notions that we let bother our lifestyle.


What is this world we are currently residing in?,are you sure this is the right way of life?,or have we gone extremely wrong despite caution?,let me tell you such questions, retrospection,intropection are but now becoming increasingly arcane to only a few who take time to think a little bit and use a bit of their rusty old brains atleast once in a while.

We created this world as a safe heaven to reside in right?then how come has this morphed into a place where misfit notions are wat reign supreme 🤔?..

How did smoking , drinking, hookah and all sorta narcotic and psychedelic stuff became the order of the day for the youth?how did education become business? How did relationships become just tools to secure ones needs? How did the country fall into turbid filthy false politics and corruption?why is there such a big horde of criminals at every nook and cranny?.

Nobody has any such thoughts they are completely self immersed in a fantasy world that they created for themselves.Wat abt the upcoming generations u ask off course they are following the same path that their benighted savages for predecessors left them.

Nobody wants to make ppl cry, nobody wants to hurt others, nobody wants to kill ppl,nobody wants to harbour hostility and illwill towards others,nobody wants to ridicule anybody and yet AND YET WE DO!why u ask that because ITS WAT THE DAMN WORLDS  COME TO☠.There is no more traces of humanity left behind in us,all of us are after selfish needs and we live like zombies after something.

All I wanna tell is just because ppl consider smoking and crap cool doesn’t mean u need to do it and doesn’t need to be necessarily the right thing to do,u gotta believe in urself .

All over ppl keep thinking about what their relatives think and don’t take the time to consider wat their very family might think,it is very heart breaking when Ur own parents show u time and again Ur opinions weigh lesser than those of Ur relatives.This is a growing problem in the Indian society with lack of attention.I don’t know about any supreme being or any super power who rules and watches over us but I do know we need to live the one life we have in the way we want to ,only and only for ourselves not for others.

We embellish our experiences for the benefit of the listeners, we sugercoat hostility to cajole someone,we garble facts and spread slanderous rumours,it is we that are capable of twisting and turning anything around because we are but VERSATILE HOMOSAPIENS,I know it’s a pain in the ass but we gotta turn this twisted world or we are doing nothing but heading towards destruction…..


   Emotions are what we feel in response to an event or situation or other.Humans are inexact beings ,though psychology and sociology are being studied by millions at a vigorous pace to find the answer as to why humans vary so easily based on a single emotion . BT there is yet to be any advancement in our theories in terms of pinpoint accuracy.

Is a single emotion that powerful? Yes ,a single emotion is enough to drive a person mad, a single emotion is enough to egg the darkness in you ,a  single emotion is enough to make u kill.The list is endless because when driven by a certain emotion nobody knows wat they are capable of.

If emotions are this powerful then what do u think is the most primitive and powerful one ?.

PAIN is undoubtedly according to me the most primitive and most powerful of all emotions ,it is said even as a baby when we make our way out of the womb we experience pain ,it isnt of an intense amount BT it is experienced, this pain is similar to the pain that comes from crawling under a small fence through a small hole in it.

How powerful is pain?let me tell you a story that will let u know firsthand how powerful it is and how it can alter a person beyond recognition.This may sound quite clichéd BT bear wid me Wen I Tel u this one’s mi8 just be atleast a tad diff.For the time being let’s just go with epiphets or numerical names for the characters.

Mr.X was quite the ordinary boy except his puffy cheeks and cute puppy looks almost always made him the center of attention ,ppl flocked to him to pet him and they adored him or so it seemed at that time,he was stuck with school before he even knew it ,he was able to speak and write a little before time and was hence pushed into the abyss of the now twisted and convoluted Indian educational system even before he knew it .

As trite as this sounds “he hated math”,well he just couldn’t bring his mind around the fact that these were anything but useless ,he liked theory better he found it quite intriguing and fascinating to know the past and all that the world had to offer.

Soon enough he passed 3rd grade in flying colours ,things seemed smooth ,he had doting parents who spoilt him ,relatives who adored him,he was but a newly refined mineral raw and unpolished , he did not know the vagaries of life nor the fickleness of fate.

Thigs took a turn for the first time when he was in fourth grade ,he was dumped into a boarding school ,the food was horrible beyond words more importantly the same food was given twice a day i.e mostly leftovers  ,he had to do everything on his own ,run by a Christian institution he was made to pray like the others ,though he had no qualms about praying to another religious god he mused as to why ppl prayed to different god’s was there any difference ? Or was it just a man made division to keep order ?

Umpteen questions swam in his head ,While he was self immersed in thoughts a storm was brewing for him  .

Being the center of attention always draws problems right towards u and thus it began …

Bullying is so common that no one cares nowadays ,this particular boy however was bullied day and night ,he cried and cried and cried ,before long he was building a wall around himself  bt ppl kept on trying to push the kid down ,through all this the kid didn’t utter word to his parents who were at the time facing a financial crisis,he was treated in the most horrible ways he was treated like a weakling, pushed around ,everyone called him weak and useless .

All these almost never fazed the kid Bt wat broke him was wen his grades dropped because of the bullying and finally even his parents had called him useless.The kid managed to sail through to grade 7 ,he had to undergo 4 operations during his school days and finally he decided to change school Wen he was in grade 7.

The boy was happy since he was going to a new school ,he thought he would have a better life there,sadly the kid was mistaken ,this will be where the kid loses it ,the place that will kill all that he held , obliterate his world and leave him like a pile of trash on the walkways.

7 ,8,9 th grades were almost no different in the end, things kept piling up, family problems loomed larger than ever ,fights between his parents became ever more frequent and most of them were about his behaviour and his marks in English ,was it his fault that he couldn’t master a language in just a few years? ,was it fair to feel disappointed at a home sick child because he was homesick?his life at school wasnt any good either ppl kept calling him wierd names for their own sick amusement ?,these where Wen the first few questions came to his mind….what was it that drew problems to him ?,why was it always him? ,Why couldn’t they go pick on somebody else ?,was he too weak? ,Wat did he do to deserve all this hate?…*sounds like a kid who has Weltschmerz right?stay with me though 😂*.

10 was good to him as well ,he got transferred to a new campus in 9 th and he liked it there bt he liked 10 th grade better  for he seemed to have made some good friends along the way there .BT tenth wasn’t too smooth he had to beg his parents to let him drop math bt they just wouldn’t hear him out ,they were only bothered about wat their relatives had to say . However the boy managed to pass Tenth with much difficulty .BT here was the first time he questioned the existence of God or if it all was  just another  invention of humanity to keep their sanity in difficult times? .I’ll save the sappy details for another time,for now let’s get to the real part.

If the boy thought this was pain he was in for a surprise because this would be the final checkpoint ,the two years that would leave him scarred for the rest of his life .( I promise no more banal stuff🤐)

Grade 11 and 12 came faster than anticipated,a new class a few old friends and a few new people he didn’t know .Until now mr.x was still a kid at heart with a spunky spirit and innocent heart that was built from fledgling pain ,the only thing the kid cared for was to be sure not to inflict any pain on others,this is however wat will bring about his downfall.

*Well guys here comes the villian😂,let’s name him Kronos*.

Kronos was the odd one out at the beginning of the year ,he despised everyone bt himself. He loved himself to a point of utter idiocy that bordered on insanity, he pretended to be amicable BT he was actually just trying to win people over ,BT for some reason this time people walked away from him to Mr.x  who had no need for malice or underhanded tactics,he was just like the others wanting but simple reasons to be happy.

Mr.x brought about his own downfall when he decided to help Kronos because he thought Kronos must feel lonely .He did not understand at that time how things worked with Kronos ,soon enough Kronos was changing the entire class into his slaves.

*Looks like smthn out of a comic book right?😂stay with me guys..*

Before Mr.x realised everything had changed everyone were acting to please Kronos ,Kronos had complete control , every 1 knew the fact that Kronos was twisted BT no one would dare say it because as the name implies he was just as good as the kronos (Greek myth) in a fight.

Kronos started to toy wid Mr.x who was the only anomaly that stood in his way ,the bullying started again… he was called fat and disgusting and all sorts of lame crappy names .Mr .x knew he couldn’t do anything abt all this vitriol hurled at him .

He was forced to join Kronos’s lackeys ,its almost comic Wen Mr.x pictures Kronos as Hitler who reigned over Germany.This was but the beginning ….

It all began one night wen Kronos ordered Mr.x over to his cot and asked him to massage his feet and hence it began ,each night Mr.x would have to massage Kronos ‘s feet that stank like gutter itself till Kronos fell asleep ,imagine a teen boy having to do stuff like a servant ,his ego  was long gone and he no longer had any power over wat was happening .

Kronos soon made Mr.x his full fledged slave .As a victim he had to give his food,he had to fill his buckets for him , tidy up his cupboard,tidy his bed in the morning …etc……. It never mattered if Mr.x was sick or fit he had to massage Kronos to sleep.

As if this wasn’t enough things took a turn for the worse , now that almost  everybody had joined into Kronos’s stooge army if you tried to violate kronos’s rules or refused to do something he asked u to or did something that jeopardises him or his position u were forced into a position where no one would dare to speak to you,u would become non-existent just like that.What came next was even worse Kronos wanted ppl to stop acting childish i.e since you were in 11 grade you had to talk about girls and only girls u had no right to talk abt anything else ,(*this is India for crying out loud we don’t start dating just cause u get a little old besides my own opinion who cares if u date or not ,u ll find sm1 eventually*).To stop being childish meant u had to act and follow him and only bother about girls.

The kid was in for a nasty slap in the face if he thought all he had to do was somehow fit into the crowd ,no that would not be the case as fate had it he was seated near Kronos in class and had to sleep near him in the dorm.By the end of the year he was a total wreck mentally and physically from all the beating he had received for his incompetency from Kronos.

Reality is harsh they say and this seems more than apt in this story.Hurt deeply the kid fantasized that someone would eventually come into his life who would love him for wat he is, who would always be by his side, someone who could understand him.The kid was but searching for some silver lining in his horrible life ,a small ray of sunshine in a darkened sky.The craziest stuff was he even got slapped around if Kronos’s gf felt bad abt smthn ,I mean wtf was the kid to do if the damn girl felt bad abt her problems.

What happened instead was even more messed up?long story short ,he fell in love with the most undesirable girl in the entire damned campus BT unfortunately  he loved her truly, because he thought she had a beautiful character, she accepted his faults as they were but most importantly he saw in her wat he didn’t have… the guts to do anything and everything she wanted without a care in the world.
Imagine how powerless anybody would feel if they got rejected by their crush and it was two times worse in his case since it was the worst girl on campus ,they boy could only question himself,was he that bad?.This wasn’t were it would end ,the stupid kid wouldn’t give up and pursued her still and he found out soon enough that the girl liked someone else who was one of kronos’s top fuckholes , when this went into the limelight the boy was ridiculed further .

 Unable to take all this the boy finally decided he had to have the girl no matter wat ,he told her he would kill himself bt the girl wrote a letter to the other boy she liked to stop him ,*it does sound comic BT imagine the pain you would feel if u told the person that u loved that  u were going to commit suicide and they end up telling someone else to stop u instead of even bothering to tell u to stop*

The ridicules got worser,the boys mental health declined steadily ,he stood on the brink of insanity as a kid who has been  fighting a ridiculously one sided battle that could never have ended in a win indefatigably ,he did not feel ashamed he felt he had given it his all ,BT why had he lost even then?what was his mistake? What was wrong? .

And like a divine miracle  a flurry  of good things happened ,the girl who rejected him accepted him,the kronos group was beginning to grow fond of him and his family problems seemed to be getting better.

The kid however was mistaken ,the girl was putting up an act and Kronos was far from letting him free and when he got suspended from school after being found out for his relationship his family issues got worser .

The kid still oblivious loved the girl though ,when he finally got back to school he tried to fix their bond but to no avail and soon enough Kronos was starting to control his love life as well ,he was using the kids love to foster his relationship .

He was Kronos’ s marionette ,his life even his love life was scripted by Kronos,imagine being under someones control completely and being used up like a tissue and thrown away.

It was nothing but utter despair that waited even after all the hurdles this boy faced ,it was only then…. only then …only then that he realised there would be no divine miracles ,no angels to guard him,no beliefs through which he could feign ignorance anymore…and there it lay the truth as dark,cold,bitter and sinister as the very Ginunngagap that lies in the depths of nilfheim ,HE WAS ALONE ,THERE WOULD BE NO GOD TO HELP HIM ,HE HAD TO FIGHT HIS OWN BATTLES ,HE HAD TO WIN THEM NO MATTER WHAT IT TOOK.THIS WAY OF LIFE ITSELF WAS FALSE ,IT WAS SMTHN THAT FOOLS HAD CREATED TO COCOON THEMSELVES FROM THE HARSH REALITY.

At that moment something inside him had snapped ,the last fragments that held his sanity together.He gave in to his inner demons ,he let the darkness of his soul take over and for the first time sitting alone in the shelter of an alcove that was obsured from everyone’s vision by a pile of stacked  chairs ,the boy smiled though it wasn’t the smile that angels would tote even on their worst days though .

Within a month after that ,there wasn’t a fat boy to tease anymore ,there wasn’t anymore an idiot to play the fool with,no longer did he have to go through pain having seen through the farce of the entire world ,tears wouldn’t come any longer all that was left were anger ,hatred and lust .

He couldn’t do anything about Kronos’s superiority in terms of strength ,he wasn’t born with such strength to counter such power ,so  he stayed as Kronos’s marionette or so kronos thought BT in reality the puputeer and puppet had shifted places ,his opinions were valued atleast to some extent and so he would make sure he hurt everyone who hurt him through the evil bastard himself .

Soon enough the entire world became clearer ,the farce was so stupid he could almost die from laughter.An year later he would be the one to breakup with his gf because he knew he no longer was human anymore atleast he couldn’t act like the others and play along like a fool.This world in his eyes was so twisted it almost made him retch and laugh at the same time .

A world where fools reigned supreme ,the knowledgeable were called nerds whereas those who whiled away their time in a life of debauchery and felony seemed master’s of the place.People surrounded themselves with others and formed cliques and fought among themselves just as packs of animals might.They were blissfully ignorant of everything around them ,and yet they said they wanted to be at the top of the world with no passion whatsoever,they made it so that they could live in luxury staving off reality by spinning an elaborate yarn of ignorance around them,by being with more people.Their concepts itself were twisted , friendship was nothing bt backstabbing when no one else was looking,love was a product of everyday lust .

The cold ,calculating boy could only gaze and wonder if they would ever realise ,many more fucked up troubles came his way BT This time he was more than prepared ,they looked like nothing more than flies. . the gaping hole inside him ,he realised he could fill only with knowledge and so he would pursue it …..


I don’t know how many might read this or how many would say this was useless bt try putting urself in a situ similar to it and for those of you who think this was just some lame shit he faced ,I’m sorry BT I decided to ignore the most messed up ones. This was BT a percent of what he went through ….

Success of Social Networking🌎🌏🌍

Social networking is the order of the day.Anywhere you look you can  find people completely engrossed in their smartphones entirely oblivious to the world around them.Considering the popularity that it has is it upto any good? Or is it not entirely bad ?or  Should it be eradicated?

The above mentioned questions I leave to my readers to speak out from their points of view after perusing through this blog.Lets get to the topic nw , whichever way you look at it social networking sites are very very successful but WHY?


Self Assertion:-

People nowadays are so bent on taking selfies and good photographs to upload to the social media,save the exception of a few.They take these pics in the wierdest of places,social gatherings,a friend’s get-together​,a marriage function And what not ,the social networks are brimming with loads of pics of everyone all around the world.Is there something ppl are trying to accomplish by filling their lives chock-full of pics rather than memories? I don’t know ,it feels hilarious and sickens me most of d time bt I never realised the obvious just like the others until recently when I read a book from a dubutant novelist Rosheena Zehra titled “Dreamcather” the book itself is quiet beautiful although a tad morbid,but a convo tat d protagonist has wid her frnd  gives u d reason explicitly and makes us stop to muse on it for a while .The reason is not quiet a big thign actually it’s just Self Assertion, people want to show off and keep asserting themselves ,to flaunt how well settled in life they currently are,most of wat they do are actually unnecessary BT they have persuaded themselves to believe that they are but mere essentials for a normal life , I’m nt about to lambaste tat the entire social networking is a false notion bt I’m merely saying even if it’s recreational losing our control over this is almost insane and this inane enthusiasm we have to self assert ourselves is almost bordering on delusional. I mean it’s​ NT like we are proving anything doing all this are we?well if I speak any more than this I’m gonna  have to stand trial for betraying my Facebook and other social accounts😂😂😂 


The recreational power that  social networking has is immense and immeasurable indeed 😂,one could sit hours immersed in it and not  realise that the day has concluded 😂, it’s an inextricable fact that it is one of  d best and major sources of recreation.Bt d problem arises therein when people spend too much time on this mindless recreation rather than doing wat they ought to ,it’s fine to use it a source of venting away Ur emotions and stress at times but to immerse urself completely in it is definitely preposterous.


Information that we can obtain through social networking is BT raw and unrefined ,most of the times the truth is quiet bitter and that is wat is given out in its pristine and unadulterated form.Yes it’s an advantage to us to hear the truth as they are ,bt smtimes there are situations where lies and sophistry is necessary than the actual truth though this may sound like we are being controlled   …such a conclusion is necessary to prevent chaos and discord 


The next big thing tat ppl look forward to in Social Networking are the ever available prospects of stranger bonding. With the fad of meme creation at it’s peak stranger bonding has shot to an all time high with the help of wired comments over petty issues and lame sarcasms.It would be bad to clump together everyone on this ,BT majority are looking forward to stranger bonding nt because they need it,but only because it seems exciting and adventurous.These bondings lead to no good ,BT in some cases they may result in life changing relations or indelible marks that may scar Ur life for eternity BT tat too is depends  on the person involved ,anyways  wudnt u agree that the thing called justice Changes Wen it is viewed from different perspectives . 


One of the vital points as to the success of social networking is d long distance relationships tat ever1 builds over time and dont  intend on losing.This is where social  networking comes to play here , where it serves as means of easy communication and hence successful maintaining relationships and also shortening the world almost to a minor receptacle tha house our  vast species .


Most ppl don’t like introverts and typically tend to brand then as nerds or  uncool dorks or try to treat them as some sort of detritus from an unknown planet ,but in truth the fact is introverts just have difficulty in socialising and speaking too much, because it just doesn’t suit them.Frankly speaking the scariest ppl are d ones who don’t speak much ,they are the ones who actually do some thinking ,who have so much to them …like an iceberg whose tip is the only thing that can be seen from the surface .Free advice don’t pick a fi8 wid some1 like tat I promise u ,U ARE NT GNG TO LYK D CONSEQUENCES.Well moving back to our topic social networking is a boon to introverts ,Why? Because it allows freedom of expression to them giving them freedom through anonymity .Anyone can express how they feel in social networking ,all the while remaining anonymous this is a great asset for introverts who do not want to identify themselves in public☠.


All right folks were gng ri8 down to the conclusion of this blog ,yeah it’s been a drag BT yes let’s wrap this up ,so as it is I’ve told  as much as I can abt the nature of the success of social networking and now  it’s upto u to decide wat u wanna change and wat u wanna keep after this.However personally I think there are a few changes that ought to be made ,one is the amount of filth in the social media which can be minimised ,two ppl should spend more time outside than sitting all the time with their mobiles stuck to their faces this is becoming a major cause for obesity and other crappy diseases ,three take a breather go out for a trek or do some exercises see a bit of d outer world bcoz reality is not d virtual world,four try to be reasonable and reduce Ur insecurity complex that drives u toward social networking for solace ,finally a bit more should be done for the educational sector ,right now the social networking sites are crammed chock full of memes and other crap rather than more rational and logical things with a educational value .No I’m not insinuating that  we  make all of social networking brim up with social and educational and moral values bt reduce the useless content a bit and give us some more relevant content . Of course there will be many that say we create the contents on the sites so we can’t blame them in that case we should change  for the BETTER🤓…..

If u liked d blog follow for more ,thank u for reading ☺☺☺☺…..

English In India

English the most internationally well known and used language,I’m not insinuating that  the others are bad or that they are not as good, BT English is a common medium even across states ,territories ,countries,continents.

English is nt whole in itself it borrows from several there languages the countless etymologies of words that are used as a part of the English language is proof to d fact that it is a language that can be associated with almost everything .Lets forget this for a while to discuss wat I  really wanna convey; the development ,attitude , usage of english in India.


What is the current attitude towards English in India?,is it good or bad?,if I were  asked to answer this question I wud laugh heartily and answer – “it’s downright outrageous ” .

Majority of d populace think it’s smthn the British left behind – preposterous patriotism which is unnecessary ,few think it’s too difficult – my opinion “try to make an effort first” ,few think it’s too easy and doesn’t deserve much time😑.

NW the question arises… why this attitude?

The first reason I’d give for this is d kollywood, Bollywood flicks etc…. Tat give ppl d impression tat English is too easy or too difficult or otherwise .For example a hero says *English is just a language and walks off* ppl think oh this must be some lame crap …I’d like to say to such y dnt u try learning it then….. I don’t think it’s smthn tat comes easily ..it takes years of passionate reading and learning trying to improve yourself on a language foreign to u by Ur own choice and perseverance and thirst for knowledge …then again another hero says “I shall not learn English I love my mother tongue” …the people follow his example as if he’s d very epitome of good natured patriotism ….every text nwdays comes out in English even Ur learning school materials ..wat good wud it do if u don’t know d language huh?….wat wud u do in Ur interviews huh?…

The second imperative reason is nthn BT smtimes the subject sounds difficult to some people …well I don’t knw if I can justify y bcoz I for one find practicals and math simply difficult BT tat doesn’t mean u shld just give up …it’s all fr your own benefit so get out der and work Ur ass off..of course I for one was myself never even near the point of even thinking abt learning English at first bt then one of my friends had me read deception point …..my very first book and yes as u would have guessed I didn’t even understand most of d difficult vocabulary BT I kept looking into the dictionary and smhw managed it and then this pushed me to do it ,although articulation of words and enunciation is a totally different thing😂😂😂


First things first we need to first change the attitude we have towards the language itself and try to move towards the process of learning and improving on it ,we should try to be more considerate of wat we think rather than blindly have opinions from movies and others stuffed on us

Development :

So hw do we develop the language? Instead of showing English as the antagonist in most movies why not try to give it a little bit more credit and try to make it sound a bit more better ,it doesn’t necessarily have to be angelic representation but atleast there is no need for diabolical​ and sinister ones.

Secondly teachers should try to be more interactive ,the more interactive the English teacher the better the chances of the student liking the subject and putting a little more effort into it.

Thirdly take it from d basics:-the basics in English are really Important without the basics u can actually get nowhere 

Fourthly :- the people are just too conservative they lack the imaginative power, to begin with they cannot and do not want to deviate from the reality they do not wat to enter into fantasy … however a certain amnt of imagination and creativity is a necessity… anime and Hollywood have such stories spun out of fiction ppl shld try to watch em and improve their English in the process of doing so….

   Finally , indifference towards the language is smthn tat is quite intolerable ppl shoulf realise by NW the importance it has in this mordern  epoch …so pls as a kind request.I Suggest ppl give more importance to d language and give it a try to study it and mainly to nt underestimate it as being easy as it requires quiet a lot of work to master a foreign language 

Either ways good luck to those who are  genuinely gonna make an effort …..once again sry if I have offended any1 and thank u fr reading the blog🤓

Cycle of Yuga’s 

This is my first time blogging I never really quite considered it but then a friend of mine suggested I do it ..so here I am folks …the thing is since im only starting because of him ill just attribute my first post to wat we had conversed abt yesterday 

Hindu mythology is full of colourful depictions of numerous dieties who are the protagonists of d myriad amount of fantasy  stories even so  ..these stories are usually too surreal to be real BT then there are also the few that can be assessed as close to real BT wat is astonishing is the almost impeccable accuracy of d fact tat we seem to be in one of d 4 eras of the Yuga cycles talked abt in Hindu mythology “Kali yuga” to be precise Kali here is nt d godess bt an analogy to a demon .

The 4 cycles:

Satya Yuga (also known as Krita Yuga “Golden Age”): The first and best Yuga. It was the age of truth and perfection. The Krita Yuga was so named because there was but one religion, and all men were saintly: therefore they were not required to perform religious ceremonies. Humans were gigantic, powerfully built, honest, youthful, vigorous, erudite and virtuous. The Vedas were one. All mankind could rfgfgf“” to supreme blessedness. There was no agricultureor mining as the earth yielded those riches on its own. Weather was pleasant and everyone was happy. There were no religious sects. There was no disease, decrepitude or fear of anything. Human lifespan was 100,000 years and humans tended to have hundreds or thousands of sons or daughters. People had to perform penances for thousands of years to acquire Samadhi and die.[citation needed]*.

Treta Yuga: Is considered to be the second Yuga in order, however Treta means the “Third”. In this age, virtue diminishes slightly. At the beginning of the age, many emperors rise to dominance and conquer the world. Wars become frequent and weather begins to changeto extremities. Oceans and deserts are formed. People become slightly diminished compared totheir predecessors. Agriculture, labour and mining become existent. Average lifespan of humans is around 1000-10,000 years.[citation needed]*.

Dvapara Yuga: Is considered to be the third Yuga in order. Dvapara means “two pair” or”after two”. In this age, people become tainted with Tamasic qualities and aren’t as strong as their ancestors. Diseases become rampant. Humans are discontent and fight each other. Vedas are divided into four parts. People still possess characteristics of youth in old age. Average lifespan of humans is around a few centuries.*

.Kali Yuga: The final age. It is the age of darkness and ignorance. People become sinners and lack virtue. They become slaves to their passions and are barely as powerful as their earliest ancestors in the Satya Yuga. Society falls into disuse and people become liars and hypocrites. Knowledge is lost and scriptures are diminished. Humans eat forbidden and dirty food. The environment is polluted, water and food become scarce. Wealthis heavily diminished. Families become non-existent. Average lifespan of people is barely 100 years, though, by the end of the Yuga,it will be as low as 20 years 
The above 👆are BT wat I gathered from wiki so as to give ppl a better understanding of the context in which I wanna speak

The bull of dharma:

As depicted above the bull of dharma is a bull that is said to have had four legs BT with each yuga it’s legs have reduced by one as we NW are in the trasitory phase of the final  yuga it only has one

 My contention and conclusions:

Sorry abt the drag through the myth BT to me it seems ppl are stuck up they do not realise the fact that they are the ones putting themselves through a hell of a bad time and yet tend  to balme it on the usual non chalant apathetic excuse “rotten luck” .Ppl say karma’s a bitch BT wud it have been tat way had they not been the real bitches in the past .It is most likely by NW the bull of dharma probably has zero legs 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😱 because ppl are forcing themselves to live a life of debauchery they wanna stick to conventions which have NW been degraded to the point where the leaders are mugwumps or demagogues or those in the race for power or money or a totalitarian rule 

The orthodox life NW states students to act like Pierrots except these clowns are even more delusional that they find smoking and drinking to be a novel act and eating unhealthy food the order of the day 😂….

The even more sickening fact is tat these fools look down upon those who actually have posess knowledge abt smthn they think that ppl studying to better themselves​ are the whackjobs 😂😂I find all this quite hilarious and too disgusting

Secondly there’s the workers who have BT no other go bt to become sycophants to encourage favouritism and foster corruption and vanity 

The couples who make love look like a passtime; u break up and patch up whenever d effin  u like 😂😂😂😂whoever put in such regulations 😂😂 and off course I don’t have to talk abt d marriages 😂😂y marry Wen u knw u can’t handle it and there is also an exception of a few extenuating circumstances which can be excused 

In the end like I said this world is going downhill we are nowhere near the Arcadia tat we desire off course hell’s where we have reserved places for ourselves as we have done nothing but bathed ourselves in our vices ☠☠☠

Sry if I have offend any1 ..thank u fr reading my blog☺sry abt any errors I was in a hurry to finish